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Dentyne Dentyne

dentyne Fire Spicy Cinnamon - sugar free gum

Reference: 018A-14954

There is regular cinnamon gum, which has its own spicy kick and there is Dentyne Fire Spicy Cinnamon Gum. This cinnamon-flavored gum might just start a three-alarm fire in your mouth. Rest assured, you will survive and your breath will be fresher than ever. 

16 pieces

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Sweeteners E420-E965-E421, gum base, natural and artificial flavors, less than 2% of: glazing agents E414-E902, sweeteners E950-E955, antioxidant E321 (to preserve freshness), colors E132-E129*-E171, soy lecithin E322. May have a laxative effect on sensitive individuals. *May have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children. Contains GMO.

Nutrition facts (for 100g): calories 167Kcal, total fat 0g (saturated fat 0g), total carbohydrate 66.7g (sugar 0g), protein 0g, salt 0g

  • Oz: 0.6
  • Kosher: Non
  • Sans gluten: Non
  • Sans sucre: Non
  • Régime alimentaire: Non
  • Végétarien: Non
  • Vegan: Non

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