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1 x Nestlé butterfinger candy bar

Since 1923, Butterfinger has been pleasing American tastebuds. Its crunchy, peanut buttery center combined with its delicious milk chocolate outer layer are why it is the favorite candy bar of many Americans, even Bart Simpson, who famously said, "Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!"

1 x durkee marshmallow fluff white vanilla

american grocery store, fluff

Durkee Fluff is the original marshmallow fluff. Born in Massachusetts before World War 1 and first sold door to door, it quickly became a hit and found its way onto supermarket shelves. This light, fluffy, tasty vanilla-flavored spread is great for lots of things, like dips, frostings, and Fluffernutter sandwiches.

1 x M&M's pretzel small size

M&M's Pretzels are a popular American variety of the world-famous candy-coated chocolates. Instead of a peanut, you will find a crispy pretzel at the heart of these bite-sized chocolates. This suprising salty-sweet treat will please anyone who loves M&M's. This is the individual size.

1 x M&M's peanut butter small size

Peanut M&M's have been around since 1954, so it is suprising that it took until 1991 to see the release of Peanut Butter M&M's. These delicious milk chocolate M&M's have just the right amount of peanut butter, just the right amount of chocolate for another perfect M&M's variety. 

Made with real peanut butter !

1 x hershey's payday candy bar - peanut & caramel

Hershey's Payday bar, american grocery store

Lightly salted, roasted peanuts covered in sweet caramel make Payday a uniquely tasty treat. This hearty candy bar will give you the energy you need to make it through the longest of days and keep a smile on your face. 

1 x dentyne Fire Spicy Cinnamon - sugar free gum

There is regular cinnamon gum, which has its own spicy kick and there is Dentyne Fire Spicy Cinnamon Gum. This cinnamon-flavored gum might just start a three-alarm fire in your mouth. Rest assured, you will survive and your breath will be fresher than ever. 

16 pieces

1 x Wonka Nerds Watermelon Cherry

These crunchy little guys have got a lot of kick! The Watermelon and Cherry candies will fill your mouth with sweet and sour goodness.

1 x kellogg's froot loops cups Cereal

american grocery store, froot loops

Toucan Sam has been delivering fruity goodness to our breakfast bowls since 1962! These tasty fruit-flavored rings are irresistable for kids and grown-ups alike. Enjoy the colors and flavors that have made this cereal famous around the world. This is the individual size.

1 x Reese's Big Peanut Butter Cup

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, American Grocery Store in France

An American classic. And what could make this treat even more American? Well, make it bigger! The perfect, delicious combination of creamy peanut butter in a rich milk chocolate cup - bigger is better!

1 x Ferrara Pan Red Hots - cinnamon candy

Red Hots, cinnamon candies

These little red devils are a spicy, cinnamon-flavored, hard candy balls or jaw-breakers. They are a classic treat that has been pleasing kids and adults alike for years.

1 x Ferrara Pan GrapeHead - Grape candy

These little purple candies are fruity, grape-flavored, hard candy balls or jaw-breakers. They are a classic treat that will please any kid or adult who is a fan of grape-flavored candy.

Made with real fruit juice

1 x AirHeads Cherry

American candy, AirHeads Cherry

Air Heads are a chewy, sweet treat for anyone who has a sweet tooth. This is the cherry version of this classic candy. Enjoy!

1 x Pop Rocks - Cotton Candy

Pop Rocks are a cult candy from the 70s and 80s. These "exploding" bits of candy are a unique and fun treat for kids of all ages. When they were first released, parents were afraid that the candy would cause their kids' stomachs to explode. Have no fear: that was just an urban legend. This is the cotton candy version.

1 x Barton's Million Dollar Bar

Barton's Million Dollar Bar might not make you rich, but it will surely make you feel like a million bucks! This rich, creamy bar will delight you or whomever you offer it to.

1 x Jelly Belly Bean Boozled

Jelly Belly Bean Boozled are no ordinary sweets. This edible game is like Russian roulette for your taste buds. You may get a delicious classic flavor or some strange disgusting one like skunk, dog food, or lawn clippings. A great activity for parties! They are also gluten-free and made with non-animal gelatin.

1 x Pez dispenser star wars with candies

 A Star Wars themed Pez dispenser with candy included. A great gift idea for anyone who loves the Star Wars saga. May the Pez be with you! Characters sold randomly.

1 x Big League Chew Curveball Original

Big League Chew is an American classic. The pouch and even the shredded chewing gum form evoke the chewing tobacco that big league baseball players used to chomp on during games. This is the Original Bubble Gum flavor. 

1 x Brach's Football Candy Corn

Meet the newest member of your snack starting lineup! We took our classic Candy Corn texture and turned them into footballs in delicious caramel, chocolate, and classic Candy Corn flavors. Enjoy right out of the bag, as an easy decoration for baked treats, or fill up a candy dish for your next game-day party. Football has never been so sweet.

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Certains produits pas bon
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À refaire car totalement satisfaite.
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Bons produits.
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Très bon choix pour de bonne découverte
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Très bon produits, le seul bémol et que l'on ne puisse pas choisir nos préférence (plus sucré ou salé) car je donne mon exemple j'ai reçus beaucoup de produits sucré alors que je préfère plus le salé. Aussi non de bon produit que nous connaisson pas en France que ce soit sucré ou salé bonne découverte.
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Varié et très bon
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Le cadeau de noel a beaucoup plu.
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Très bon et super moment passé en famille à déguster
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Plusieurs produits différents de vrai découverte. La seul chose que je trouve dommage c'est que c'est directement de le carton du colis il y'a pas de boite décorative
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